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Friday, 18 May 2012

Many people don’t understand insurance in general, more so life insurance. Surprisingly, life insurance is one of the easiest types to understand. Simply put, life insurance is the type that pays a designated sum to your beneficiaries once you pass on. In other words, life insurance protects the people who depend on your paycheck. Life insurance provides your beneficiaries with ongoing income until they can live comfortably without support.

Life insurance is not restricted to premature death; it can also act as a timely emergency fund for funeral costs, medical emergency or legal fees, among others, if your savings are not enough to cover them.If you are interested in goedkope zorgverzekering you need to visit this site.

Certainly, life insurance is not a way to strike it rich; it’s not the best way to ensure that your children and grandchildren live in luxury. Even though some policies come with a savings plan, the savings plan is usually independent. These are called ‘cash value’ policies and the life insurance component of these policies still serves their basic purpose: to guarantee support for your dependants after you pass on.

So, it should be easy to decide whether you need life insurance or not, given its straightforward definition. You could start by thinking about what would happen if you suddenly passed on; although this is somewhat morbid, it is still necessary when determining whether or not you need life insurance. To start with, could your family afford your funeral expenses? Is there a will in place and if so, how complicated is it? How will your spouse and children survive? If you were the breadwinner in your home, what will it cost for a paid provider to replace you?

If you’re single and living alone or if you’re living with a partner with separate incomes, you probably don’t need life insurance. You can simply create a low-risk savings fund to cater for your funeral in case you pass on prematurely. 

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